Although John has always enjoyed writing, it wasn’t until recovering from surgery that he began to take it more seriously. Writing has since become a passion for him, and he loves to share his stories with the world of book lovers. Aside from writing, some of John’s hobbies and interests include traveling, (especially to Europe) shooting, learning new languages such as German, meeting new people, and music.


   John now lives in North Carolina with his wife Elizabeth, whom he met while stationed at Joint Base Lewis-McChord in Washington State in 2011. He is also a lover of cats. John and his wife share their home with a few beautiful Sphynx cats. Feel free to drop him a line any time. Vielen Dank!


FUN FACT: When John is not writing he enjoys being outdoors, and especially shooting his guns. John is into all firearms, but especially long-range sniper weapon systems.

Interested in Joining John's ARC (street) team? Let him know here by including your name and why you want to join. John may even use you as a character in a future book!

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