The threat of nuclear war, one team sent to stop it, and a ruthless assassin who will hunt them to the ends of the earth.

CIA Operative, Roger O’Neil goes deep undercover in Russia and teams up with a group of SAS Soldiers amidst a growing nuclear threat against America and a ruthless killer stalking them from the shadows.

America is at the brink nuclear war with Russia. Roger, an ex-Army Ranger is pursued and reluctantly recruited into a new CIA clandestine unit. Sent undercover into the heart of Moscow as a Canadian tourist, he and the SAS team slowly begin to unravel the biggest international conspiracy since the Cold War, and an FSB hitman hot on their trail. 

Can Roger and the SAS team defeat the most lethal secret agent in Russia and prevent an attack on American soil in a deadly game of nuclear chess?

Or, is this the beginning of World War Three?

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