The Messenger




Rob Walker has served in countless special operations in combat zones across the globe… Now, his mission is personal.


US Special Forces sniper, Sergeant First Class Rob Walker returns from a long tour in Afghanistan to find that home has changed for the worse.


A drug kingpin and old high school classmate has taken over several blocks surrounding Rob’s old Brooklyn neighborhood. Ruthless and armed with military-grade weapons, residents won’t speak out against the gang for fear of being hurt, or worse.


Having seen too much during a drug deal gone bad, Rob’s sister, Marianne is snatched up off the street and taken hostage by members of a Mexican drug cartel. Suspecting her of being sold into sex slavery, he must act before it’s too late. But, taken south into the Mexican criminal underworld, Marianne completely drops off the radar. 


With the New York City Police and the Border Patrol’s hands tied, Walker decides to do the only thing he knows how to do — commit violence and punish everyone involved in his sister’s disappearance.


His mission — send a clear message of brutality to her captors. But will he get to her in time? Or will she vanish forever into the global sex trade?

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